Seventh Son

The power of real-world 3D models as a tool of communication in film cannot be overstated. When you’re sitting in a room with Digital Natives, Millenials and people who fondly remember DOS, a model gets everyone speaking the same language.

City of the Sea model: black foamcore, wood, paint, printed paper

Seventh Son copyright Legendary Entertainment

Top Secret Military Outpost – In three easy steps

6 days from initial scout until filming. We try not to make a habit of this, but we can bring it when we need to.

Siberia Start
Step One – Find a spot with some potential
563 Ext Military Outpost Reference Illustration 181108 PB
Step Two – Imagine what it could look like
Siberia 02
Step Three – Get 10 tonnes of crushed ice and some very capable film professionals

Supergirl properties copyright Warner Bros. Television & DC Entertainment

Decommissoned Car Ferry or Alien Space Prison? You Decide.

Working with existing textures, a few carefully selected set pieces and a very skilled lighting department.